Direct from Mine is like from Farm to Table. 100% Made in USA

About Us

We Believe In Natural

Direct From Mine, Like Farm to Table...

We have been selling our clay base product for years and have found that companies that use our clay have been cutting the quality for quantity. We want to ensure that our customers gain all the health benefits of our all natural clay and put more of the base minerals and clay than any competitor on the market…

Our all natural clay comes straight from our private Mine.

All our Willard Clay products are based on our impurity removing process. 

We strive to provide the best products for Healing, Burns and Health for all.

More About Us

Willard Clay was created by Rick Willard. 

Rick Willard is a serial entrepreneur and creator of multiple Health related patented products.  His company Bibte Mining purchased the Volcanic Ash Mine that produces all of the raw material of the Willard Clay Health Products.

Rick seeing the need for products that are not cut with fillers and other byproducts is the reason Willard Clay is direct from the mine purified and cultivated.

Willard Clay is .. Volcanic ash
Willard Clay is… Bentonite Clay
Willard Clay is .. Montmorillonite Clay…

Willard Clay is 100% committed to all natural products with the quality all of us deserve. 

Mined, Millled and Packaged in the USA